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Jagatkhera, Kalli Paschim, Raibarelly Road, Lucknow, U.P.



The aim of the school is high and noble, but realistic. We have mega mission to impact quality education to the tiny tots, setting new benchmarks and continually raising standards in child-eccentric ambience. Here, at Saint Martins Academy, we aspire for the exaltation of the child’s personality, the complete unfolding of the child’s individuality and the development of an inquisitive, exploring  and problem solving attitude in the child. We have devised a holistic approach to judge student potential by developing a system to test a candidate’s capability, general awareness and extracurricular skills. Further, as an avowed policy, we have not restricted ourselves to any particular creed or religion, but, having culled the best and progressive elements from different sources,  have adopted an eclectic approach of studies to infuse the student with new defying ideas , scientific temper, sound moral character, love of God and the sense of belonging to family, society and the nation at large.

Every human being has a vast reservoir of talent which only needs a proper channel. Here we just create a congenial or conducive ambience in which this hidden potential can be mobilized. Further, besides providing an excellent academic milieu, we also attach great importance to  games, sports and physical exercise. Hence, the student all-round personality development would be our prime concern. That’s why, we impart education, not literacy.


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