1. Saint martins academy is organized by strict management and dutiful, well experienced teachers with the main objective of physical, mental and moral development of the student. The school imparts knowledge for higher education to the children so that may become self-dependent.
2. Our aim is to educate students belonging to all communities.
3. The children who are very poor and cannot afford to pay the fees of school, they are granted fee concession.
4. Our aim is to educate the students who are not interested in their studies.
5. School’s attention is more towards the students who are careless towards their studies. Their attendance is recommended compulsory and if any child is found absent, the school advises their parents that the child should come to school regularly and punctually to get proper and undisturbed education and also request their parents to come once in a week to check the progress of their wards.
6. Saint Martins Academy also rewards the students who bring in their studies and also encourage them to give results to the school.
7. Our school aims to get good results in board examination and for that purpose extra- classes are held on Sundays and other holidays for board students without any charges.